Pole fitness considered for 2016 olympics

Pole exercise could be part of 2016 olympics (Credit to Atos)

Most of us associate pole dancing with half naked women wrapping their limbs around the pole, however students at Canterbury are using the pole as a form of exercise.

In some countries, pole exercise has been around for over a decade, but it just got big in Britain the past few years. It incorporates exercises such as sit ups, push ups and manoeuvring around the pole, which is beneficial for building strength as well as confidence.

(Credit to studio409montreal)

Many universities offer a pole exercise class for students to keep fit, burning 350 calories per hour and it is also being considered for the 2016 olympic games held in Rio De Janeiro.

Tilly James, a pole fitness participant said: “You keep really fit, It tones you up. It’s also good to do as a social and even if you don’t have a background in dance the teacher is really good.”

The pole is now known for use of exercise (Credit to Elvert Barnes)

Whereas many universities promote the sport, as a newfound exercise, there has been a strong stigma attached to its acceptability.

The trustees of Swansea University had come to a decision to ban the society saying it was “inextricably linked to the multi-million pound sex industry.”

As degrading as many say the sport can appear, the girls of Canterbury are sticking to the sport, with only signs of it gaining a larger audience.

F A C T      F I L E

(According to IBIS World Market Research)

Pole fitness became recognised in 2000

It could be seen at 2016 Olympics

 Age range of average dancer is 17-70

IPDFA Pole competition was covered in 120 different countries by 4000 media outlets


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